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Need of electric vehicles

Future India will ride in electric vehicles if one goes by the pronouncements of the country’s policymakers. The air will be cleaner. The level of noise as well as the oil import bills will be down. And, if everything goes according to the Central government’s reported plan, India will be a manufacturing hub for EVs, just as China is of many industrial products now. Need of Electric Vehicels

Now the question which arises in everyone’s mind is:

Why do we need Electric Vehicles?  

In this blog I am going to give an overview of why do we need electric vehicles and its benefits.

Need of Electric Vehicle:

Need of electric vehicles
For the past few decades the Automobile Industry in India is growing at rapid speed. The automobile industry offers employment to an immense number of people. The automobile sector employs more than 1.3 million people in the fiscal year 2017. This rapid growth is all because of the high demand for Internal combustion vehicles on Indian roads. The graph in the automobile sector is continuously growing. Following are some facts regarding the automobile industry in India:

  • “The Indian automobile market is divided into several segments viz., two-wheelers, three-wheelers, commercial vehicles (light, medium and heavy), passenger cars, utility vehicles, and tractors.
  • India is the world’s 5th largest manufacturer of cars, the 7th largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, and the largest manufacturer of two-wheelers in the world. Indian automotive industry (including component manufacturing) is anticipated to reach Rs 16.2-18.2 trillion (US$ 251.4-282.8 billion) by 2026.
  • Overall, domestic automobile sales increase to 26.3 million vehicles in FY19 from 25 million in FY18. Moreover, the growing interest of companies in exploring the rural markets further aided the growth of the sector.
  • Indian automobile industry has received Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) worth US$ 21.4 billion between April 2000 and March 2019. In addition, several initiatives are taken by the Government of India, and the major automobile players in the Indian market are expected to make India a front-runner in the two-wheeler and four-wheeler market in the world by 2020.
  • Two-wheelers dominate the industry and makeup 81% share in the domestic automobile sales in FY19. The Two Wheelers segment leads the market in terms of volume owing to a growing middle class and a young population.” -Equitymaster

The graph of air pollution in India is also rising. Following 2 are the most basic reason behind the increase of air pollution in India:

  • Industrial Pollution
  • Vehicular Pollution

Industrial pollution contributes about 51% of air pollution and vehicular emission has a share of about 27%. These two are the most basic reasons behind the rapid rise in air pollution in India. The ranking of India is in one of the top countries which have high air pollution. As per a study based on 2016 data, at least 140 million people in India breathe air that is 10 times or more over the WHO safe limit.

So for an alternate to Internal Combustion Vehicles Electric Vehicles are coming as the best alternate.

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Pollution Woes:

Air pollution in India has become a prominent issue. Indian Government is also worried about the rising level of air pollution. Due to the rise in air pollution, the breathing problem also rising. India is in the list of most air-polluted countries in the world. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges looming over society. With ice caps melting at a rapid pace, countries around the world are experiencing a drastic change in their climates, and wildlife is getting affected too. In urban areas air indexing quality is very poor. There are many reasons for that. But one of the topmost reasons for air pollution is the emission of harmful gas from combustion vehicles. This causes many types of health issues.

Health Issues Due to Air Pollution: 

A life without health is like a river without water.

Air pollution has become a public health concern all over the world. Combustion vehicles emit large amounts of hazardous gases. Which are harmful to both nature as well as human. Many hazardous substances get mixed up with air particles and make air quality unhealthy. It affects our environment as well as harmful to our health.

Following are some gases which combustion vehicles emit :

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Nitrogen oxides
  • Carbon monoxides
  • Sulfur dioxide.

As a result, these gases produce hazardous pollution which gets mix up with air particles.

Some of the common diseases caused by air pollution are :

  • lungs and respiratory problems,
  • lung cancer,
  • cardiovascular problems,
  • liver cancer, and other types of cancer,
  • Affect pregnant women and newborns

Precautions taken by the Government:


Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles(FAME). The government has announced an outlay of ₹10,000 crores for Phase 2 of the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, or FAME 2 scheme, to boost electric mobility and increase the number of electric vehicles in commercial fleets. This scheme is to increase the production of EVs and build the charging infrastructure for EVs in India

Top 5 Benefits of Electric Cars

Top 5 Benefits of Electric Vehicles:

Cost-effective: As of now the current price of petrol in Delhi is around 70 Rs. per liter. Because of the high price of petrol, people are looking for some other means which can work at a lower cost. So for an alternative Electric Vehicles are coming as the best alternative for today’s scenario. The cost of an electric vehicle is lower than internal combustion engine vehicles. 

Less Emission of Hazardous Gases: Electric cars emit less amount of hazardous gases as compared to Combustion Engines. Air pollution has become a public health concern all over the world. Combustion vehicles emit large amounts of hazardous gases. Which are harmful to both nature as well as human. Many hazardous substances get to mix up with air particles and make air quality unhealthy. It affects our environment as well as harmful to our health.

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EVs are Cheaper to Maintain: Electric cars are reasonable to maintain as compared to combustion engine cars. As there is less moving part as compared to combustion vehicles. There are very few moving parts and no expensive engine parts like oil filter, air filter, oil, fuel injection systems, and radiators. So the maintenance cost is very less as compared to combustion vehicles. 

Reduce Noise Pollution: Electric Vehicles do not emit noise, they are most probably silent as compared to the combustion engines. Electric cars are quieter. This makes electric vehicles different from combustion engine vehicles. 

Energy Independent: If you own an electric vehicle you can easily become energy independent for your EV. As you can charge your electric vehicle through solar panels. You can install solar panels at your residence and can charge your car. You can become energy independent for your electric vehicle. When you install a solar energy system on your home, you can use it to power your home and charge your electric car for emissions-free transportation.


The automobile industry is going to be revolutionized in the upcoming years, as Electric vehicles are going to be the future of cars. Electric Vehicles emit a lesser amount of hazardous gases as compared to combustion engine vehicles. The main reason behind this technology is to save our environment from hazardous gases and to minimize the extraction of natural resources.

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