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Top 5 Reasons to adopt electric vehicles

With ever-increasing pollution levels across the main cities in India, it is a high opportunity that we, as individuals, take steps to guard ourselves and our future generations from environmental degeneration. top 5 reasons to adopt electric vehicles.

Vehicle fuel consumption and emission have always been a talk of concern. The high demand and rising prices of fuel have become unstoppable.  The solution to this problem is the alternative to combustion vehicles. 

Opting for electric transportation will not only save fuel and environment but also money. This year, India has seen a gradual increase in the purchase of electric bikes which clearly states that India will soon be among the countries where EV buyers are large in number. The sale of electric cars is also increasing. 

There is not one but many reasons why you should opt for electric cars rather than sticking to fuel-based cars.

The automobile industry is the largest and the fastest-growing industry in all over the world. If we talk about India, then there is also a good hike that is seen in every fiscal year. If we compare the data of FY 2017-18 with FY 2018-19 then there is an increase is reported in the sale. Passenger vehicles have increased by 2.70%, two-wheeler by 4.86%, and three-wheeler by 10.27%. The following are the top 5 reasons to adopt electric vehicles. 

Reasons to Adopt Electric Vehicles


1. Eliminates the cost of fuel: 

On a cost per distance basis, a fully electric car could cost you a quarter or fewer of what a conventional petrol or diesel car might. These savings quickly add up, you could save on each journey when driving an EV.

Top 5 Reasons to adopt electric vehicles

Costing of fueling an EV is very less as compared to the combustion vehicles. The price of fuel always goes ups and downs, so there is no need to worry while driving your EV. Just charge it and ready for the journey.  Although the replacement of EV batteries is costly, but when you compare it for a long time then EVs are going to be cheaper than combustion vehicles. 

2. Reduction of Harmful Gases

Electric cars emit less amount of hazardous gases as compared to Combustion Engines. Air pollution has become a common health concern all over the world. Combustion vehicles emit large amounts of hazardous gases. Which are harmful to both nature as well as human. Many hazardous substances used to mix up with air particles and make air quality unhealthy. It affects our environment as well as harmful to our health.

Top 5 Reasons to adopt electric vehicles
Following are some gases which are emitted by combustion vehicles:

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Nitrogen oxides
  • Carbon monoxides
  • Sulfur dioxide.

As a result, these gases produce hazardous pollution which gets mixed up in air particles.

Combustion vehicles emit a large amount of carbon dioxide, which contributes to greenhouse gases. Electric Vehicles do not emit a large number of hazardous gases. 

 3. EV users become energy independent:

If you own an electric vehicle you can easily become energy independent for your EV. As you can charge your electric vehicle through solar panels. You can install solar panels at your residence and can charge your car. You can become energy independent for your electric vehicle. 

Top 5 Reasons to adopt electric vehicles

Being energy independent means you can charge your vehicles at your residence with the help of renewable energy. And the solar panel is one of the best ways to charge your EV at home.

4. Easy Home Recharging:

We can full our own tanks. We don’t need to feel bothered about the nearest fuel stations to refill our fuel tanks. All we need is a household charger to charge our electric vehicle. Plugin the vehicle at night and enjoy the journey in the morning.

Top 5 Reasons to adopt electric vehicles

There are several organizations that are providing and working on the charging infrastructure and charging stations in India. Although, you can install the Residential EV charging station at your home. Home charging can use either a 120-volt outlet or a 240-volt circuit. Since almost all-electric vehicles include a 120-volt charging cord and 120-volt outlets are common, this is likely the cheapest and easiest option.

5. Government scheme benefit for EV users:

FAME 2 Features

Reasons to adopt electric vehicles
-FAME Scheme focuses on four areas Technology development, Demand Creation, Pilot Projects, and Charging Infrastructure.

-The importance of this scheme is on the electrification of public transportation which includes shared transport.

– For electric buses, demand incentives on operational expenditure will be delivered through State/city transport corporation (STUs).

-To promote eco-friendly vehicles.

-The Government of India is working to minimize the cost of Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries is one of the essential parts of an EV.   

-Under FAME 2 scheme following cities selected:

Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Indore, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Lucknow, Jammu, Ahmedabad and Guwahati.

-The incentives will be offered by the Government for electric buses, three-wheelers and four-wheelers to be used for commercial purposes.

top 5 reasons to adopt electric vehicles. top 5 reasons to adopt electric vehicles.


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