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Top 5 Benefits of Electric Cars

Electric Cars are getting popular nowadays. And the following benefits will make you look to change the way you look at EVs.

So, here are the Top 5 Benefits of Electric Cars:

Top 5 Benefits of Electric Cars


As of now the current price of petrol in Delhi is around 70 Rs. per liter. Because of the high price of petrol, people are looking for some other means which can work at a lower cost. So for an alternative Electric Vehicles are coming as the best alternative for today’s scenario. The cost of an electric vehicle is lower than internal combustion engine vehicles. Following is an example which explains the comparison of electric vehicle and petrol vehicle:

Top 5 Benefits of Electric Cars

Suppose if a person travels 50 km daily for 10 days.

Electric car:

Mahindra e2o charges fully in 16.5 units. And it has a range of 140 km on a full charge.

So, total travel for 10 days: 10*50 = 500 km.

Cost of 1 km: 16.5/140=0.12 unit.

Electricity cost for a single unit: 6.5/unit.

The total cost of running 1 km: 6.5*0.12 = 0.78 Rs. or 78p 

Total Expenditure on the day: 0.78*10 = 7.8 Rs.

Total Expenditure for 10 days: 7.8*10 = 78Rs. 

Petrol Car:

Mileage of a petrol car: 15 kmpl

Cost of per liter petrol: 70 Rs.

Per km cost: 4.66 Rs. 

Expenses of 1 day: 4.66*10 = 46.6Rs. 

Total Expenses of 10 days = 46.6*10 = 466 Rs.

As you can see the difference between the costing of Electric cars and Petrol cars. It is almost 5.97 times cheaper than petrol cars. 

This is one of the biggest benefits of Electric Vehicles over Combustion engines.

Second Benefit:

Reduced Emission of Hazardous gases:


Top 5 Benefits of Electric Cars

Electric cars emit less amount of hazardous gases as compared to Combustion Engines. Air pollution has become a public health concern all over the world. Combustion vehicles emit large amounts of hazardous gases. Which are harmful to both nature as well as human. Many hazardous substances get mixed up with air particles and make air quality unhealthy. It affects our environment as well as harmful to our health.

Following are some gases which are emitted by combustion vehicles :

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Nitrogen oxides
  • Carbon monoxides
  • Sulfur dioxide.

As a result, these gases produce hazardous pollution which gets mixed in air particles.

Combustion vehicles emit a large amount of carbon dioxide, which contributes to greenhouse gases. Electric Vehicles do not emit a large number of hazardous gases. 

Now, the third benefit is,

Cheaper to Maintain: 

Top 5 Benefits of Electric Cars


Electric cars are reasonable to maintain as compared to combustion engine cars. As there is less moving part as compared to combustion vehicles. There are very few moving parts and no expensive engine parts like oil filter, air filter, oil, fuel injection systems, and radiators. So the maintenance cost is very less as compared to combustion vehicles. 

Because there’s so less moving parts, electric cars don’t suffer routine break-downs, don’t need regular oil changes, etc, unlike gasoline cars. Electric vehicles are generally more reliable if only because of the less moving parts. It means much lower maintenance costs.

No oil changes, because in EV’s there’s no oil to change. No gaskets to change, no cylinder heads to machine, no spark plugs to replace, no valves to clog up, and on and on and on. Regenerative braking is less brake pad wear, and less frequent replacement

The fourth Benefit is,

Reduce Noise Pollution:

Top 5 Benefits of Electric Cars

Electric Vehicles do not emit noise, they are most probably silent as compare to the combustion engines. Electric cars are quieter. This makes electric vehicles different from combustion engine vehicles. 

Researchers in India have found that vehicle traffic is one of the main contributors to noise pollution.

The fifth Benefit is,

Energy Independent:

Top 5 Benefits of Electric Cars

If you own an electric vehicle you can easily become energy independent for your EV. As you can charge your electric vehicle through solar panels. You can install solar panels at your residence and can charge your car. You can become energy independent for your electric vehicle. 

When you install a solar energy system on your home, you can use it to both power your home and charge your electric car for emissions-free transportation. The cost of solar is falling rapidly, and companies from Hyundai to TATA are manufacturing electric cars for your daily use.

Above mentioned are the Top 5 Benefits of Electric Cars, also read:


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