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Search Engine Optimization: High-level SEO Audit will save your life

I Strongly recommend you to do this High-level SEO Audit, every month for your website. SEO Audits contain both an internal analysis and external analysis. You gain a general understanding of your share of the Search Engine Optimization market (external) while identifying how well your website is optimized to obtain additional market share (internal). If you want to dig a little deeper into your market share, a more in-depth Search Engine Optimization Market Share Report can be created.

But, like most other things, you have to take this with a grain of salt.

Yes, a High-level SEO audit helps us determine how our website is performing. But, if you are a small website, you do not have to overdo it. Concentrating on stats can be a waste of time especially if there are other things that you have to take care of.

But, if you are a medium sized website and you noticed a drop in traffic, perhaps it’s better to perform a timely audit and discover the root of the problem.

Here are some High-level SEO Audit Which is your search engine optimization

SEO Audit

1). Traffic Growth Audit

You have to check monthly organic traffic growth for each URL. Due to continuously changing Google algorithms and higher competitiveness in the SEO industry the chances are higher that each of your page rankings might increase or decrease which leads to a drop or growth in traffic.

Keeping an eye on all pages will help you improve content on drop pages, and regain the lost traffic.

Of course, it will take a lot of time to create this report. I created a small tutorial which will help you get this report ready in less than 10 minutes

Search Engine Optimization

2). Link Growth Audit

Links are the backbone of SEO. I strongly recommend you to check your backlinks(root domains) every month.

Let’s assume that last month you have 300 backlinks to your website if you have 350 backlinks then it’s quite natural. However, if you see 500 or 1000+ Backlinks then it’s quite suspicious. Sometimes you will see 10 times more backlinks. It’s a clear indication that somebody is trying to harm your website. This personally happened with one of our websites.

Always keep an eye on new backlinks. If you find any spam backlinks, kindly add them to the disavow file.

High-level SEO

3). Technical SEO Audit

Sometimes we may overlook some technical mistakes which will lead to a drop in traffic. For example:

  • Indexed pages will be higher than the original pages on the website.
  • Page speed for each page will go down due to a few tech updates.
  • A website will have downtime due to hosting issues.
  • Hackers will install malicious scripts etc.

I strongly recommend having a weekly check for technical issues, so that you can prevent major traffic drops.

Top 4 Actionable Tip How to Write Good Content in Digital Marketing

A short guide with actionable tips to Write Good Content in Digital Marketing.

You have optimized your links, your H1 and P tags are perfect, what to do now. Well as stated it can take some time before the listings start hitting you and you can see the fruits of your labor. So what do we do waiting for the SERPS to start listing your site on the first few pages? You start writing more good content, yes more good content.

Here are Top 4 Tips How to Write Good Content in Digital Marketing

Write Good Content in Digital Marketing.

Write More Content Then Select One.

The search engines like content’s, their whole point of existence are to spider and index contents, rate and categorize what they just index and make sure that the user can find this content. And this is exactly what you should create good content for those little search engine spiders to eat. Write like a madman, and I do not mean just optimized text. Write content that is relevant to the products you intend to sell but don’t just write copy. You should write good content that you would be interested in reading yourself. If a user hits these pages in the SERPs, you want him to stay, learn more and possibly buy something or click on one of your advertisements.

Ok, I am done writing now what?

If you are done good writing, double it, the more, the better. A nice place to start of would be 50 pages of 400 or more words. I know that is about 20000 words, but it’s on the topic you should love, you’re selling it aren’t you?

Write More Interesting Content.

The problem with most content written for the search engine is it’s dull and not very interesting. It cannot be stated enough if you have interesting reading material you will get better and more traffic to your site. Study the topic most closely related to the products you offer on your website and write a nice 50-page document about it. If you are trying to sell holidays your best bet is to grab users with interesting travel guides. It would be of little use to write about search engine optimization, as the traffic will be very uninterested in your products; they are looking for SEO to help optimize their site. You can take the good content in digital marketing idea from other sites using the best paraphrase tool by SEO tools center to rephrase the article.

Writing Honest Product Comparisons.

A perfect and easy thing to write or get others to write them for you is product comparisons. The best thing would be to write honest product comparisons on the items you are selling on your website. So that makes people believe that what you are writing is an unbiased comparison between the products. Don’t get me wrong with the make people believe the statement.

You should never lie and always try to play it by the book. You just want your reader to believe it as much as you do. If you are having problems writing them yourself pay someone to compare the products you are selling. For you, it should not make to much difference if someone comes in on one of these pages and buy’s product a or b, you should be happy they came in and bought any product. So that you would not have this customer if the comparison was not written.

How To Get Free Good Content for Digital Marketing?

Some of you and perhaps all like the idea of things for free. I for sure hate working hours on end, doing tedious tasks while you could get someone else to do it for you. There are also several ways to get good content for free and take the strain off your back.

  • Steal the Good content from other sites, very naughty and can get you into serious problems.
  • Getting the user to write for you. You also need some sort of user base for this to work.
  • Aggregate the content of some news sites do.

Best 6 Ways How Can Improve Your Website Conversion Rate with SEO Services.

How can you improve Website Conversion Rate by organic SEO Services method?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are practically two different processes in Digital Marketing. But the results which they achieve complement each other. Conversion rate measures the number of visitors who have come to your website and have followed the calls to action. Which means that who have actually purchased your products or services.

People often wonder whether their SEO strategies for their website are in conflict with CRO strategies. It is interesting to note that at different stages of the marketing funnel. So that you need to design different SEO pages and different CRO pages that complement each other. Google search engine crawls to cater to both user needs (Keywords based search) and to give a solution to their problems (CRO focused page)

SEO Services in a broader sense means. That attracting visitors to the website by achieving a higher ranking in the organic SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) of search engines through the use of keywords.

SEO Services is all about strategies used in ranking better in search engine results through keywords’ placement, website structure, internal linking, link building and others. CRO focuses on competitive analysis, post-test analysis, qualitative and quantitative research, testing of on-site elements and other such strategies, which will optimize your conversion rates. The SEO Services works in the direction of attracting visitors to your website and CRO encourages the visitors to take specific actions.

SEO Services develop into the understanding of the algorithms of search engines. CRO concentrates on understanding the user’s behavior.

A strong data pool is required for defining both SEO and CRO strategies. CRO processes are highly dependent on data procured from SEO results, as CRO is heavily data-driven.

This is some of the strategies which can be implemented in both CRO and SEO to increase the search rankings website conversion rate are:-

Website Conversion Rate SEO Services.

Use Entry Page ‘Scent’

A source ad or an organic search result should always open a specific landing page connected with it to ensure effective conversion. If you click on the ad and you land somewhere else than expected then it is a waste of time. The visitors are reassured by ‘information scent’ that they are in the right place. The scent sequence provided assures whether the visitor visiting the website stays on the website to complete the purchase or leaves immediately.

Optimizing The Age With Scent:-

  • Follow the instructions provided by Google in placing dynamic search ads for category pages.
  • Always remove out-of-stock products from search results.
  • Have a well-defined and clear site structure.
  • Use keywords to adjust your layout.
  • Always match H1 heading with the title tag.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicate content on your website affects your ranking on the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). And it will affect your website conversion rate. Particularly in e-commerce websites, there is a possibility of duplicate product descriptions. Hence, you must ensure that each copy of product description is unique and it will give flair to your product descriptions.

Give Enhanced Product Images

Many companies feel that giving high-resolution and high-quality images to their products and services on their website is enough to increase website conversion rate. But this is a wrong notion; in fact, you need to optimize the images for search engines. The search engines of the present day are not capable of detecting the meaning of pixels or images. Hence, you have to use the keywords for the image ALT tags. The search engine robots search your image based on such keywords. This practice will positively affect your website conversion rates.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

The search engines are becoming more complex day by day, and they are giving more importance to semantic search. This fact has made long-tail keywords play an important role in providing higher search rankings to even small company websites. That find fetching higher ranking in SERP’s difficult with basic search terms.

Use Crawlable URL Structure

If you use crawlable URL address for your website then you can expect to gain higher ranking in SERP’s by attracting more visitors. By giving a searchable URL structure, you make it easy for the search engine in finding your website and to know what it is offering and its use to customers. So that with a well-defined URL, the user can identify the uses of the website much faster and may stay at the website for a longer duration as it is relevant to the user. There is also a high possibility of users getting converted to customers.

Apply Rich Snippets

Snippets are the small descriptions that come just below the URLs of your websites on the search results page of Google. They give the user an idea regarding the nature of the website and allow you to stand out from other thousands of search results. If you use keyword rich snippets. The possibility of your website gets higher rankings in the SERP’s increases and as a result. The website conversion rate for your will also increase.

Website Conversion Rate SEO Services.

The highest website conversion rate ensures increased profits and growth of your company.

Hence, I would suggest the companies having their own websites to use above stated SEO Services technique. This is to increase their page rankings in the SERP’s and to achieve the highest website conversion rate.

The Importance of SEO And Content Marketing In The Healthcare Industry

Using SEO And Content Marketing strategies for the Healthcare Industry. It helps to reach out health-related content to the potential customer which to improve performance.

If you’re a practicing physician, dentist, pediatrician, or any form of professional in the healthcare industry. Chances are that you’ve had a time when you just sat in your empty office, waiting for a patient to magically walk in. And a few decades ago, you couldn’t do much to change that. But the last few years have given the world a beautiful tool, which can help anyone selling a product or service a better reach to their potential customers – Search Engines.

Search engines are the online tools that people use to find what they’re looking for. In the healthcare space, potential patients are likely searching for doctors or physicians in their area or specialists for the problem they have. The beauty of search engines is that you can be on the other side of the game as well.

By making a few changes to your website, or online presence, you can improve your chances of showing up in a search. This is known as search engine optimization or SEO. It can be anything from a relevant headline, to niche keywords, or even a better social media presence – anything that pushes you to the top of the results page when people type in the relevant search, be it a healthcare marketing strategy, or even a healthcare content strategy.

There was a time when you could attract people to your website by just having catchy headlines, but not anymore. Because more people have started optimizing for search engines, the competition is increasing. But that shouldn’t be a deterrent, as every day, an increasing number of people use the internet to look for medical and health-related information. To master the game of SEO And Content Marketing, you will need to put in the time and effort into learning the rules for SEO And Content Marketing, but the results will be worth it.

Here are a few SEO And Content Marketing tips for Healthcare Marketing, to get your Business to Skyrocket:-

SEO And Content Marketing

Optimizing For Local Searches And Using Relevant Keywords.

In the healthcare industry, your main competition is most likely the other professional in your locality, who probably went to the same med school as you, but what separates you from them? A good online presence that optimized for search.

This lets people searching for your expertise in your area, find you before them. A great way to optimize your website is by using the right keywords. The keywords will help Google know what your website is about. Create a list of keywords or questions that you think patients use, and make sure they are related to your profession or healthcare facility. You can use the Google’s keyword planner for this, which also shares analytics and is good for validating your keywords.

Content Marketing Strategies.

In the healthcare space, creating content by blogs, articles, or journals, is a common way to get people to regularly visit your site. Creating original and engaging content is obviously the most essential part, but optimizing this as well can improve your website clicks.

A few content marketing tips for the healthcare industry can greatly benefit you. Content can even be in the form of videos, podcasts, or slideshows. In which case the title and description will need to be optimized best for results. It’s important to know early on, that when you start seeing results from SEO And Content Marketing. Your content quality should not be given a lower priority or ever be compromised.

Keywords should enhance the results, not substitute quality. Another healthcare marketing strategy is to encourage online reviews. It is also a great way to show the potential patients how people find your service. Don’t hesitate to ask patients for reviews

Marketing With Social Media.

Being active on social media can be part of your healthcare content marketing strategy. If people search for you, and they land on your Facebook or LinkedIn page. So you want it to be as impressive as your website. Being active on relevant social platforms is essential for SEO And Content Marketing. If you are creating content, then you should share it on all your social handles. This is another great SEO tip for healthcare marketing

Website Optimization.

When it comes to website optimization, there are several things you can do to greatly help you. The first thing is to include a sitemap on your website. A site map gives search engines a map of how your website structure. Another tip to greatly improve your presence is to optimize for mobile devices.

Studies have shown that a majority of medical searches are done on phones and not desktops. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re losing out on a huge audience. Not only is it wise, but it is quite essential as Google considers mobile-friendliness. It a factor that determines how your site ranks in mobile search results.

Adding the right metadata and backlinks to your site can also improve your performance. But if that’s too technical for you. So you can reach out to one of the Best SEO Service Provider In USA And India. Make sure you find one that understands your profession and specialty.

The important thing to remember is that SEO is a long-term plan. So don’t expect immediate results. you should also regularly update your keywords and website optimization. With the right amount of time and money invested, along with the right healthcare SEO strategy, you can greatly improve your healthcare business.

Importance of Making Your Business More Local-Friendly Online: What is Local SEO?

Local SEO optimize your website to get higher local search rankings that increase the visibility chances among the target audience.

Over the past few years, with the rise in Internet penetration & smartphone usage, Local SEO has grown remarkably. And although it may appear to be the same as organic SEO Service, it is quite different.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website in a bid to get higher local search rankings. Its key area of focus is to provide results that are relevant to the user, based on their current location. Now with local optimization, small and medium scale enterprises stand a chance to make the most of search engine results.

Since the Pigeon update by Google in 2014, many entrepreneurs have reworked their search strategy to give Local SEO its due credence. And in the coming years, it will only become more impactful for businesses.

Why We Think So:

Increase Online Presence

Google wants to help businesses increase their visibility online. It has even provided free tools – like Analytics, Webmaster Tools, among others, to help them.

Result Individualised

Once you login to your Google account, your search history, and your geographic location. Both factor into the type of results you see. Over time with the demand for personalized search results increasing, the importance of local SEO will also grow.

Social Sharing And Link Building

Local SEO can be used to build potential partnerships, create links between them and also helps in social sharing.

Mobile Device And Wearable

With the popularity of smartwatches and other wearable devices increasing, more searches will happen on the go. In such cases, local searches will grow.

Vmayo Views

Local SEO is definitely a necessity in today’s highly competitive business world.

With the ever-increasing competition, local SEO Service will help business owners find smaller target niches in order to achieve relevant visibility, and increase their rank on Google. But remember, you must also ensure that your website is responsively designed and enhanced. Our organization Vmayo Technologies Provide Best Website Design and SEO Services. We provide also Bulk Email Marketing Services, E-commerce Services, Mobile marketing services and Best Digital Marketing Services.

Top 10 Brilliant Qualities of Successful Digital Marketing Leaders

The Digital Marketing World is demanding. It doesn’t respect what you did yesterday unless it provides value today. That is demands constant evolution, reinvention, and innovation to excel. So that needs highly effective leadership to steer through these times and transitions.

We are heading towards a world driven by artificial intelligence, machines & technology. Make no mistake about it. The digital revolution has changed the way businesses, societies and humans operate in their day to day lives.

Leaders in the digital marketing world need to be agile, open-minded, & collaborative to navigate the challenges. And seize the opportunities for achieving global scale and success. Here we explore attributes that make highly effective leaders in the digital marketing world!

These are Top 10 Brilliant Qualities of Successful Digital Marketing Leaders

Empower People.

The greatest leaders genuinely believe in the well being of their team members and people working with them. They rise up the ladder because they empower people and create a synergy effect where the sum total of efforts helps everyone in the team accomplish more.

The job of a leader is not merely to direct, but to grow and empower people where they can rise to their best. Great leaders build empathy and sensitivity to the needs of their people. They are persistent in the pursuit of improvement themselves and everyone in their team.

Focus And Foresight.

Today most organizations are driven by digital marketing technologies. The technologies are also disrupting old businesses and bringing new evolutions. A leader in the digital marketing age needs to stay focused amidst the rapidly changing landscape.

When there are too many choices, the probability of choosing the wrong ones is high. The best leaders are able to make the right bets. They have the foresight to understand what the future will hold for them. They are quick, adaptive but focused on the core objectives they want to achieve.

These leaders have the ability to visualize the future with clarity and chart their journey from their present.

Global Outlook.

The digital marketing world interconnected and bereft of barriers that curtail opportunities. Today it is relatively easier to build things with all the help available readily whenever you want. It is a crowded world. Everyone is looking for their share of attention.

So, how do you differentiate yourself? Great leaders aspire to be the best. They are satisfied with nothing less than the best. So that inspire their teams to work with an attitude of building things that are second to none. It attracts opportunities by building things that people love.

Companies like Google, Apple, Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon have all been driven by great leadership, especially relevant in the digital marketing age. It has resulted in enormous growth, scalability and unprecedented success for these companies.

Building Strong Relationships & Better Trust.

A Harvard Business Review survey reveals 58 percent of people say they trust strangers more than their own boss. It’s shocking but true. It is important for leaders to come out of their shell and engage more with their teams.

The culture of trust is built, when you allow your teams to make mistakes and let them learn from it. You embrace their faults as well as their strengths. It is not a zero-sum game; in fact, you only win when your team wins.

Great leaders are able to establish trust because they are authentic themselves. They communicate, operate with transparency and never mislead their people. You build trust by being trustworthy yourself.

Accomplishments, Not Just Activity.

In the digital age, spending time on your computer, getting busy doing nothing is quite common. Even the best ones are led into the trap of mistaking activity for progress. The most effective leaders are able to draw the line between activity and results.

These leaders are able to set benchmarks that result in progress oriented work for their teams and themselves. They understand the value of time, prioritize stuff and get things done. They benchmark their progress with the right metrics to achieve the key result areas. The never digress from the core.

Develop More Leaders.

A great leader develops more leaders at all levels. The reason it becomes more relevant in the digital marketing world is that decisions need to be taken at all levels. It is no longer the top-down approach. For many decisions and actions, the top leaders depend on advice from those working down the ladder.

People who are at the bottom of the ladder working on actual problems should be empowered to take their own decisions. As a leader, you have to trust their knowledge and guide them to acquire more skills.

The best leaders are open to new ideas and approaches. They can change their opinion to do what is in the best interest of the team.

learn And Grow, Self-Organise.

When opportunities are limitless, it is important to identify key focus areas beyond the hype, noise, and fads. The best leaders have a knack for picking the right technology trends that help them in their quest for sustainable success over a period of time.

They are able to build teams that are able to self-organize, learn and grow together. The knowledge base keeps evolving in the digital marketing world. So, it is indispensable to keep yourself updated.

View Failures As Experiments.

The best leaders view failures as experimentation to learn and get things right. It takes time to get things right when you are innovating. They give space for people to fail, experiment and ultimately build incredible things. The key is to constantly improve and keep learning in the process.

Leadership often tested during failures. The digital marketing world needs constant evolution, innovation, and reimagining new business models. It requires iterations and experiments to make things work.

Even the best and most innovative companies fail in their experiments, but they channelize learnings from these failures to build better solutions. The best leaders encourage their teams to experiment, improve, evolve and build incredible things as a result of this.

Unflinching Faith And Commitment.

What separates great leaders from ordinary ones? It is often the courage, conviction and the unflinching faith in their mission. It is the commitment and drives towards making something happen. They give it everything.

It is this strong conviction and ability to bear the pain for the common good that makes them great leaders. So that driven by a higher purpose and they are ready to sacrifice things to achieve it. They think long term.

The digital age one of convenience and comfort. It is way too easy to give up on things and settle for less than you are capable of. But, great leaders set their standards high. They are never ready to compromise on their vision, purpose, and dreams. They don’t give up until they’re done.


The digital marketing world is an age of communication, transparency, and empowerment. Leaders in business today are influencing relationships with other countries. Trade is shattering boundaries between nations and creating a level playing field promoting globalism. So that the digital leaders are writing the rules of the game, reshaping our world, and its future.

Best SEO Tips to Optimize Search Engine

Do you know 81% of businesses research their purchases on search engines?

As we already know SEO is playing a huge role in digital marketing strategy.

There are various commercial enterprise Owners and digital marketers Use search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization helps them to their rank websites and generate sales online in addition to Offline that indicates a great online Presence.

Right here are the most important techniques you can use in 2018 to grow the price of your search campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Provider

Best Proven SEO Tips

Create Title Tag With Main Keyword

Tittle must be unique, brief and descriptive which describes with relevant keywords.

Selecting Profitable Keywords with Low Competition

If you want to Rank for a Particular Keyword, then picking the right keywords are very Important. If your Site is new and you want to rank for high search volume keywords then it is would take a lot of time to rank.

Use of the “Descriptive” Meta Tags

Make Meta Description unique and short because it will Cover everything about the Web page.

It is not used for ranking purposes, but it is still important because it’s commonly displayed in search results as a descriptive snippet of your site.

Enhance the Structure of  Your URLs

Focused to make readable URLs because search engines understand the context of your page. So they also help real people make decisions about the content of the page.

Make Mobile Friendly

The Future of the Internet Marketing is Mobile, If you are not Optimizing your Site for Mobile Devices then you are out of trend Marketing.

Make Your Site Easy to Navigate

Navigation is one of the best things for search engines. So allow users to easily backtrack by providing them with ‘breadcrumb lists’ (e.g. “Home > Resources > Articles > Blog”)

Right Keywords in ALT Tag

Anchor text is the readable text of a link as it appears on a page, Suitable anchor text makes it easy to convey what content is linked.

Use Heading Tags Appropriately

Use heading tags to emphasize essential textual content. Heading tags are H1, H2, H3 and so on. They may be used to signify headers and sub-headers on the web page, and to set up a clean hierarchy.

Offer Quality Content

search engines like Google rank websites higher after they offer high-quality content material. Having a great readability of the webpage or blog post performs a major role in terms of engaging people to stick on the webpage, that is an indirect technique to search engine optimization.

Promote Your Website in the Right Ways

Promoting your new content will lead to faster discovery by those who are interested in the same subject. Make your Website more resourceful and authentic, don’t make like a spammy site just adding Links.

In the meantime, let us know what you think will be the best SEO strategy for your business in 2018 in the comments below or contact us for any guidance.




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