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Popularity of Electric Vehicles in India

“Electric Vehicles” might be you are mostly hearing this word for the past few years more.

Have we ever thought that someone else can replace these fuel vehicles that rule the roads? 

Might be most of us didn’t think of that.

But, as the time change the thought of electric car is becoming the reality. Although the concept of an electric vehicle is established many years ago. But it is implemented mostly in this new era. 

This technology is changing the way people look at EV.  

This is because of the change in the automobile industry not only in India but worldwide also.

Big brands in the automobile industry are regularly working on the concept of making electric vehicles more cost-effective, reliable, and comfortable. 

Now let’s see what are the reasons that the graph of the popularity of electric vehicles is growing so fast in the world of automobile sector:



Popularity of Electric Vehicles in India



Emission of Combustion Vehicles:

Electric Vehicles are getting popular nowadays, the reason behind this is the vehicular emission of combustion vehicles. It affects our environment harshly. Electric vehicles don’t emit hazardous gases and help to maintain nature.

Therefore, it is mandatory to look after this serious issue. In such times, the push for environment-friendly cars is becoming more important. Vehicular emissions are one of the major reasons behind this process. To get rid of this many big organizations are working on Electric Vehicle technology.

Electric Vehicles emit less harmful gases as compare to fuel vehicles. Although electric cars technology is increasing day by day. Electric Vehicle is charge with conventional power outlets or dedicated charging stations. And often gives a charge that is sufficient for normal usage. Which means that EV’s are smart and compatible enough for daily use.

The quality of air is poor in urban and metro cities as compared to rural areas because of combustion engine vehicles. As they emit gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter. Thus, these gases are responsible for climate change

So, it becomes one of the necessary steps which we all need to think about. Continuous emission of hazardous gases from combustion vehicles will harm our nature. 

And for this one of the best alternate for combustion vehicles is electric vehicles. Although the government is also working on the infrastructure of charging stations in India.


Regular Improvement in EV Technology:


Popularity of Electric Vehicles in India


If we compare the First electric car with the new upcoming electric cars then there is a huge difference between them. New electric vehicles have a good range, power, comfort.

And equipped with all the accessories which are given in the combustion vehicles. New EVs are regularly coming with the best and new upgrades. This is changing the scenario the people think about EVs.

Before the pricing of electric vehicles is a little bit costly as compared to combustion vehicles. This problem resulted in many customers losing their interest in EVs.

But, automobile companies are working on the refinement of the production of electric vehicles. These companies in resultant are able to find the vehicles which can make a distance of hundreds of kilometers in a single charge.

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Cheaper to maintain:

Electric Vehicles are cheaper to maintain as compared to internal combustion vehicles. This is also one of the reasons for the popularity of electric vehicles.

As there is less moving part as compared to combustion vehicles. There are very few moving parts and no expensive engine parts like oil filter, air filter, oil, fuel injection systems, and radiators. So the maintenance cost is very less as compared to combustion vehicles.


Energy Independent:

If you own an electric vehicle you can easily become energy independent for your EV. As you can charge your electric vehicle through solar panels. You can install solar panels at your residence and can charge your car. You can become energy independent for your electric vehicle.

An EV buyer can easily install the charging slot with solar energy which in result makes the charging process almost free of cost.


Reduces Noise Pollution:

Internal Combustion Vehicles also produce air pollution. On the other hand, electric vehicles are quite. These vehicles do not emit noise. These are most probably silent as compared to internal combustion vehicles.

This makes Electric Vehicles different from Internal Combustion Vehicles.

The above points are some of the features because of which the popularity of electric vehicles is rising. And in the upcoming years more electric vehicles are going to be seen on roads.


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