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Importance of Electric Vehicles in India

Do Electric Vehicles are important for us?
Yes, maybe this is the basic reason why you are here and reading this blog.

Before proceeding just ask a question to yourself i.e. :
Whenever you decide to purchase a car, have you ever asked the salesperson, “How much pollution does this beautiful car emit?”


Any of the company salespersons told you about this while telling other features.

Might be you find an answer and i.e. most probably:

So, this is one of the reasons which we are following for a long period of time and it continuously harms our nature harshly.

But this point of time many of us are keen to know that:
Why do we need electric cars in India?
If we are going well with our normal cars(fuel cars), then what is the need to step in into the new technology whose infrastructure is not even built properly?

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In the past few years, the growth of electric vehicles is continuously increasing in India.

EESL had procured 10,000 e-vehicles last year and is likely to issue a new tender in March 2018 for 10,000 more e-vehicles to cater to the growing demand. With these 20,000 electric cars, India is expected to save over 5 crore liters of fuel every year leading to a reduction of over 5.6 lakh tonnes of annual CO2 emission claims Indian Government.-Express Drives


So this might be going to diversify your mind as you are thinking above.


Importance of Electric Vehicles in India


Better for Environment


Importance of Electric Vehicles in India


In studies and researches, it is found that electric cars emit very less amount of hazardous gases. These cars are better for the environment because of their less greenhouse gas emissions and fewer air pollutants. These cars release less amount of harmful pollutants in life as compared to the internal combustion vehicles.

The major impact these vehicles have on the environment is the improved air quality in towns and cities. With no tailpipes, electric vehicles don’t emit carbon dioxide while driving. These Electric Vehicles are very helpful in the reduction of overall greenhouse gases.

Electric vehicles don’t emit hazardous gases. Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly.



Importance of Electric Vehicles in India


As of now the current price of petrol in Delhi is around 70 Rs. per liter. Because of the high price of petrol, people are looking for some other means which can work at a lower cost.
So, for an alternative Electric Vehicles are coming as the best alternative for today’s scenario. The cost of an electric vehicle per km is lower than internal combustion engine vehicles.

Electric vehicles also have a very low maintenance cost as compared to their competitors(combustion vehicles).  Electric Vehicles have lower maintenance costs because they have less moving parts. This makes electric vehicles different from combustion vehicles. Maintenance of the car also matters a lot, as you have to pay a good amount for that. On the other hand, EVs are almost free or have lower maintenance costs.

Better Energy Efficiency


Importance of Electric Vehicles in India


Electric vehicles are 75 percent efficient at turning input energy into kinetic energy. On the other hand, gas-powered vehicles with internal combustion engines are only 25 percent efficient.

Even, the electric car brake system is different from normal Internal combustion vehicles. Electric cars are having a regenerative brake. This allows the car to charge the battery while braking.

The wastage of energy in electric vehicles is less as compared to internal combustion vehicles.

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Improvement in Health

Internal Combustion Vehicles have one biggest negative impact on the environment and that is exhaust emission.
It not only emits hazardous gases but also it smells. It also affects the ozone layer harshly.
These cars are emitting these hazardous gases for a long period of time and continuously decreasing the level of air quality.

Contrarily, electric cars do not emit as harmful gases as combustion vehicles do. Electric vehicles don’t contribute to the combustion vehicles to emit hazardous gases for the environment.
With less air pollution from cars, air quality has a chance to improve which in turn will lead to improved health.

Convenient Electric Vehicles 

If you have an EV then there is no need to go to the fuel pumps for fueling, you can charge your EV at home in the night and every morning you find your EV fully charged and ready to go. This saves your time of fueling. Drivers of electric cars do not have to change their car’s motor oil every 5,000 to 10,000 miles, and they never have to schedule spark plug changes, timing belt replacements, or other engine tune-up items.

These are some basic importance of electric vehicles in India.

The scope of electric vehicles in India is going to be bright in near future. Many automobile companies are working on this technology.

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