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Future of Electric Vehicles Bright In India

An Electric Vehicle also referred to as an electric drive vehicle, is a vehicle uses one or more electric motors for actuation. Electric Vehicle(EV) an automobile industry from powered by entirely by electricity from a battery that requires recharging. In India electric vehicles invented in 1800s and 1900s, now they began earnest turn in 21st century. In future of electric vehicles 2025 hundreds of vehicles invented globally.

 Will Future of Electric Vehicle Gain Popularity In India?

       The automobile industry of India has been with new technology, innovation, trends lately. In the last few years electric vehicles turn is low, now gradually catching the attention of number of growing populations. Yes it is true that electric vehicles are on their way to India to become a bright reality, paving way to a positive change. Now Indian population is also slowly evolving and interesting with many now people switch to EVs soon.

Indian government have a key play role in promoting electric mobility and vehicles in India. A recent study has highlighted by government that most consumers in India would buying an electric vehicles(EV).  Now consumers are prefer electric vehicles because of petrol & diesel price are high, of pollution also. Besides this government of India has announced various tax cuts and subsides further encourage more and more consumers buy EVs. Government benefits will help future consumers of India.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

No fuel and emission

This is the key point  that attracts many consumers to buy electric cars. If you want to decrease the impact on the environment through pollution, than EV is the way forward. Electric cars have some benefits and advantages for future of India. By choosing an electric vehicle, you can forget about paying for gasoline and being at the mercy of gas prices.

You can reduce your cost even further installing a rooftop solar installation to charge your electric vehicle. This solar panel also decrease your monthly electricity bill by plugging your electric vehicle into the grid. Due to the remarkable flexibility of electric generation and possible to entirely remove  fuel cost from your life.


Most of the fun of owing a car comes from getting out on the roads and putting it to work. Driving a plug-in electric car is exciting – offering instant torque and acceleration. Electric vehicles are also fun and practical, they are not just for the rich and famous. EVs are also are highly efficient with benefits future of India. Now EVs models are available in the Midwest, a fun fact is that more than 70%  of these models are available  in the market. EVs cars have best performance than petrol and diesel cars. Fuel cars expensive also, Electric cars not expensive they are low cost and great performance.

Low Maintenance

We all know cars need a bit of TLC from time to time. Now today petrol and diesel engines can require         maintenance over their lifetimes. In every six months they require maintenance things something and something.   Electric vehicles don’t take maintenance like petrol vehicle take in every months. This is best future advantages bright in India for middle class and below poverty consumers.  In a traditional engines there are hundreds of moving parts which can go wrong, in electric vehicles there are soft parts which cannot go wrong form long times. EVs is likely to have lower long term maintenance costs than other vehicles.

future of electric vehicles


future of electric vehicles

        What Are The Challenges In Consumer Adoption Of Electric Cars?

  1. Charging Infrastructure
  2. Increasing battery performance
  3. Supply-demand gap4
  4. .Creating the closed-loop
  5. Battery cell manufacturing


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