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Electric Vehicle Training Program in India

Electric Vehicle Training Program in India

The Certified Electric Vehicle Program (CEVT) has been designed to train a new generation of electric vehicle specialists to work in electric vehicle production, repair and maintenance. The program will start with introduction section which will enable the students to understand the focus area that come under the umbrella of electric vehicles. Then the course will start covering the focus areas one by one such as vehicle dynamics, Motors, Power Electronics, Charging etc. All of the electric vehicle training programs underwent a thorough review by industry subject matter experts.

Multiple Skills and the Right Blend

However, being at the intersection of diversified field such as engineering, chemistry, physics, and information & communication technology, the EV industry demands people with varied knowledge and multiple skills. Now the electric vehicles are future.

And the blend should be just right for each specialized industry verticals. In response to the need for right skills, Fleey.com has introduced training programs for fast growing job providers. The best Training Program is provided by Fleely.com. 

Electric Vehicle Training Program in India

Electric Vehicle Training Program in India

Fleely Electric Vehicle Technician Curriculum

Courses In The Program

  • Introduction to Advanced Electric Vehicle Technologies
  • Automotive Systems
  • Advanced Energy Storage
  • Charging Station—Infrastructure & Design
  • Best Development of Electric Vehicles
  • Battery Technologies & Design
  • Infotainment Design and Support
  • Statutory Safety Regulations
  • Service Centre Requirement
  • Engine Fundamentals
  • Power Inverter Systems
  • Design and Making an Adapter for an Electric Motor
  • Hybrid Engines
  • Powertrain and other components
  • Li-on Battery

Description of Some Courses 

1. Battery Technologies & Design From imparting the knowledge about the chemistry of a battery to the training you to design integrated circuits using Electrical CAD tools. Mostly students are expert in Battery technologies because it is best Electric Vehicle training in program.

2. Infotainment Design and Support Design of integrated head-unit, heads-up display, high-end DSPs, and GPUs, and Operating Systems, and integration of V2X connectivity solutions, telematics devices, smartphones, sensors.

3. Statutory Safety Regulations Potential hazards relating to EVs, charging infrastructure. Regulatory frameworks and safety guidelines for the design, specification, supply of EVs. Global Technical Regulation for EVs, ensuring high voltage electrical safety, and safety of electrical components.

4. Service Center Requirement Design and usage of EV service equipment and systems including electrical conductors, related equipment, software, and communications protocols. Other tools of electric charging and recharging points / stations. There are lots of free Electric Vehicle training program in India.

5. Charging Station- Infrastructure & Design Basics of electric-vehicle charging infrastructure, charging stations design, EV charger block diagram, technical & design guidelines, design of charging stations for urban settings, power module, site design, and charging station installation. Charging Station infrastructure are rising more when more electric vehicles rise. Most of the students are learning electric vehicle training program in India because in India electric vehicles are future.

6. Automotive Systems Automotive Systems is an introduction to today’s automobiles, including Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Topics include exposure to various pieces of automotive shop equipment and details of the automotive service business. A working knowledge of basic automotive components and general maintenance necessary for vehicle operations will be emphasized. This course also promotes a basic understanding of alternative fuel and HEV vehicle technology.

7. Engine Fundamentals Engine Fundamentals covers automotive internal combustion engines (ICE). Topics include engine theory, operation, and various designs utilized today including related items such as gaskets, lubricants, sealants, and coolants. It also includes component inspection and precision measuring. This is also one of the best course in Training programs.

8. Advanced Energy Storage Advanced Energy Storage is an introduction to energy storage systems for electric vehicles. It covers the fundamentals of energy conversion including thermodynamics, chemical energy storage in fuels and hydrogen, electrochemical systems for storing energy, battery chemistry in charging and discharging batteries, and the sustainability of advanced energy storage systems. This course also compares the environmental effects of current fossil-fueled energy systems and conversion processes with more sustainable systems using renewable energy and more efficient conversion processes. In India science student are choosing electrical stream for future because most electric vehicles are future of  India. We are providing Electric Vehicle Training in India.

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