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Electric car vs Combustion car

Fuel !!!

Imagine your car without Fuel??

Electric car vs combustion car

Do we have to come again on bicycles for traveling as in the late centuries!!!

Just think of this scenario do you able to make your transportation easily without “Fuel“. Might be you are aware of fuel and its usage all over the world. If not then there is no need to worry, I will try to give you some facts regarding crude oil which is refined once to make it fuel.

  • It is one of the most important energy source used globally.
  • Around 82% of oil is imported in India of its total usage.
  • Over 85% of our energy demands met with the help of fuel.
  • India’s dependence on foreign fuels has increased a little bit.

Fuel is one of the most precious resources which we get from the earth. And one of the major issues is we are extracting our natural resources at a very high consumption rate.  If we continue to increase the use of fuel every day, then we will stop getting these natural resources easily.

Do we have a sufficient volume of fuel for our future needs?

Electric car vs Combustion car


It is going to be a difficult answer. And this is also for sure that it is not going to be finished in 5, 10 0r 20 years. The main issue raises is the rate of consumption. If the amount of extraction goes down as compare to its usage then it is going to be a major issue. As we are extracting fuel from easier reservoirs of oil if these reservoirs got exhausted then we need to extract fuel from complicated reservoirs and it is going to economically expensive.

India is the third-largest consumer of crude oil in the world. After the United States and China.

The consumption rate of India rises from 160.77 MMT in 2008-09 to 251.93 MMT in 2017-18. According to a report India consumes 4.81% of total world oil in 2016-17. So, this is for sure if India needs to cut down its usage of crude oil then they need to adopt some changes. India uses a large volume of oil for transportation.

Does Transportation with Fuel Cars is good?

As we are consuming a large volume of oil for our daily transportation. And combustion vehicle are using this fuel and emitting harmful gases which cause many problems like,

  • It affects nature harshly.
  • This creates air pollution at a high rate.
  • It produces many diseases.


Electric car vs Combustion car

“Everything in excess is opposed to nature.” We are making use of oil(Fuel) at a pretty much higher rate for transportation. This only emits hazardous gases which is extremely harmful to the sake of mother nature, the earth.

These cars are not safe for our nature. We just need to find out some way of transportation which is way eco-friendly then combustion vehicles. Many automobile industries are working on Electric cars technology and are providing many Electric cars that compete with today’s fuel cars.

Evolution of Electric Cars

Here comes the upliftment of electronic vehicles, Electric Vehicle saw a resurgence due to technological developments, and an increased focus of renewable energy. Since the last few decades, the influence of the petroleum-based transportation infrastructure on the environment with peak oil has led to regenerate interest in an electric transportation infrastructure, which is considered as a need for electric running vehicles.

The future of Electric cars is going to be brighter for not only India but for the world also. Therefore, this technology is arguably going to rule over the automobile industry. Because of its less emission of harmful gases and environmentally friendly behavior. There are many automobile companies who had launched there EVs in Indian Market.

Some of the Electric cars are going to launch in 2020 and 2021. This may bring a variety of ranges in the Electric Vehicle market. Following are some companies who are launching their Electric cars:

  • Hyundai
  • MG
  • Mahindra
  • TATA

Challenges in Electric Cars

The following are some perspectives which we might have to see for the adoption of Electric Cars in India.


Electric vehicle

Cost of Electric Vehicle:

In India, the average cost of cars goes from 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs rupees. And most of the cars are of this range in India. This is where the first challenge arises for EV in the Indian market. As average EV costs a little bit of a higher side as compared to its competitor, i.e. petrol or diesel cars.


Charging Infrastructure:

EV is not a new technology in the automobile industry. But this technology did not proceed like combustion vehicle technology. The issue which arises after the pricing challenge is the Infrastructure of charging stations in India. Presently the number of charging stations is not enough to fulfill the requirement of Electric car owners. As we get plenty of a good number of fuel pumps in India in shorter distances. Therefore, the EV owner is not able to get this facility. This might affects the buyer to get an EV over a combustion vehicle.

Battery Issue:

Lithium-ion batteries are one of the indispensable parts of the electric car. Precisely for an electric vehicle battery is one of the most important parts to run a car. This battery is made up of lithium and India is not having enough amount of lithium reserves. Thus we need to import lithium from Bolivia, Chile, Argentina they have large reserves of lithium.

These are some of the challenges in India when we talk about the implementation of Electric cars in India.

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