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Top 5 Reasons to adopt electric vehicles

Be a part of the solution, Not part of the pollution.

Yes, try to be a part of a change in life, not a part of the crowd. Here the crowd means the internal combustion vehicles,  As we all know that the most common share of vehicles is of combustion vehicles.

These vehicles emit a very large amount of hazardous gases and hurt the environment as well as health beyond the limit.


Employment in EV Charging Stations


As we all know that air pollution has become one of the most serious health issues for the whole world.

Air pollution contributes to the premature deaths of 2 million Indians every year.

The 27% share of air pollution is produced or emitted by the vehicles in India. 

As combustion vehicles have become one of the serious issues for air pollution.

Many countries are working on the alternate for combustion vehicles.

And till now one of the best alternates for fuel vehicles is Electric Vehicles.


Employment in EV Charging Stations


Electric vehicles emit less hazardous gases as compared to combustion vehicles. The growth in the sale of electric vehicles is rising in every fiscal year. The EV industry is relatively young, but rising at a good speed.

India is working on its electric vehicle concept and accepting this technology for transportation purposes.

This technology arises due to the extraction of natural resources(oil), vehicular pollution and there impact on nature.

Almost every state in India is suffering from air pollution. Whether it is due to factory or combustion vehicles.

So, to overcome the overall air pollution, Electric vehicles are going to play a major role.


Government Scheme:


The Government is working on the charging infrastructure. Under the FAME-2 government is going to install 2636 charging stations all over India.

In the grid of every 3*3 km, there is at least one charging station is going to be install.

And on highways every 25 km there is one charging station going to install.


Employment in EV Charging Stations:


Employment in EV Charging Stations


The need for charging stations increases as the number of electric vehicles increases.

As the government is working on the vision of 30% of electric vehicles in 2030.

The number of charging stations is going to be large shortly.
And this opens the door for the huge number of employment.

In every charging station, the number of employees is required.

The number of employees varies according to the size or requirement of charging stations.

There are many organizations which are providing electric vehicles charging station. 

Soon the EV charging station will become one of the good sources for earning.

If you want to know more about How to open an electric vehicle charging station in India you can visit the same.

There are many types of EV charging stations are installed at residence(for personal uses) as well as commercially. 

 Employment in EV charging Stations,  Employment in EV charging Stations,  Employment in EV charging Stations.

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