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Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle Overview

For reading this blog, you might be keen to know about Electric Vehicle concept or its charging infrastructure or Charging Stations.

Ready to get deep into the pool of an overview of Electric Vehicle in India.

And at first, the basic question which everyone wants to know is:

 “Why we want EV?”

There is a phrase which you usually heard on TV i.e.

“Air quality is worst in this city”.

“Do factories or Vehicles will stop emitting these hazardous gases”? 

“Health Issues regarding air quality are rising at a higher speed”

In India, when someone thinks about buying a car then they only think about of their luxury. There is nothing wrong in this, but have you ever thought that:

How much pollution this car is going to emit on per liter of fuel???

Electric Vehicle

In India, while purchasing a car no one thinks about the environment.

India is a country with 22 cities in the list having the top 30 most polluted cities of the World in 2018!!!

If we think of pollution at the starting decades of combustion vehicles, then we are not in a scenario of air pollution.

Now, if we think to stop transportation from combustion engine vehicles. Then, what is the way to fulfill the basic need for transportation?

  • Are you able to reach your office on time?
  • Without Vehicle can we live our life easily?

Here, an important question arises:

“What are feasible ways to fulfill the requirement of transportation?”

And the answer is “Electric Vehicle (EV)”.



Now you get an answer that, after all Why we need EV or Why everyone is talking about electric vehicle concept?

The quality of air is poor in urban and metro cities as compared to rural areas because of combustion engine vehicles. As they emit gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter. Thus, these gases are responsible for climate change.

Here, comes an upliftment on Electric Vehicle technology.  EVs are useful because they emit less amount of hazardous gases as compared to combustion engine vehicles. Also, one of the major concerns is the extraction of natural resources, if we extract natural resources in large amount then it will affect our mother nature i.e. the earth.

Air pollution has become a public health concern all over the world. Combustion vehicles emit large amounts of hazardous gases. Which are harmful to both nature as well as human. There are many hazardous substances that get mixed up with air particles and make air quality unhealthy. It affects our environment as well as harmful to our health.

Drawbacks of Combustion Engine Vehicle:

Electric Vehicle

Natural Resources Extraction:

Fuel is one of the most precious resources which we get from the earth. And one of the major issue, we are extracting our natural resources at a very high consumption rate.  If we continue to increase the use of fuel every day, then we will stop getting these natural resources easily.

If the amount of extraction goes down as compare to its usage then it is going to be a major issue. As we are extracting fuel from easier reservoirs of oil if these reservoirs got exhausted then we need to extract fuel from complicated reservoirs and it is going to economically expensive.

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Health Issues:

Some of the common diseases caused by air pollution are :

  • lungs and respiratory problems,
  • lung cancer,
  • cardiovascular problems,
  • Affect pregnant women and newborns.

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Upcoming Electric Vehicle In India:

There are many new electric vehicles which are going to be launched in India in 2020-2021. Some big automobile companies like

  • Hyundai,
  • TATA,
  • Mahindra,
  • Audi,
  • Jaguar,
  • MG,
  • Maruti Suzuki and many more.




Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Needs, Evolution and Problems.

Electric Vehicle Needs!!!

India is in the list of most air-polluted countries in the world. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges looming over society. With ice caps melting at a rapid pace, countries around the world are experiencing a drastic change in their climates, and wildlife is getting affected too.  And one of the reasons behind this is industrial activities and vehicular emissions. It becomes very important for India to make a move on this process. In urban areas air indexing quality is very poor. There are many reasons for that. But one of the topmost reasons for air pollution is the emission of harmful gas from combustion vehicles. This causes many types of health issues.

Health Issues due to Air Pollution

Electric Vehicle Needs


A life without health is like a river without water.

Air pollution has become a public health concern all over the world. Combustion vehicles emit large amounts of hazardous gases. Which are harmful to both nature as well as human. There are many hazardous substances that get mixed up with air particles and make air quality unhealthy. It affects our environment as well as harmful to our health.

Following are some gases which are emitted by combustion vehicles :

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Nitrogen oxides
  • Carbon monoxides
  • Sulfur dioxide.

As a result, these gases produce hazardous pollution which gets mixed in air particles.

Some of the common diseases caused by air pollution are :

  • lungs and respiratory problems,
  • lung cancer,
  • cardiovascular problems,
  • liver cancer, and other types of cancer,
  • Affect pregnant women and newborns.

Electric Vehicle Evolution

Electric Vehicle


Electric Vehicles are getting popular nowadays, the reason behind this is the vehicular emission of combustion vehicles. It affects our environment harshly. Electric vehicles don’t emit hazardous gases and help to maintain nature.

Therefore, it is mandatory to look after this serious issue. In such times, the push for environment-friendly cars is becoming more important. Vehicular emissions are one of the major reasons behind this process. To get rid of this many big organizations are working on Electric Vehicle technology. In the Indian market, EV is one of the new technology in the automobile industry. Although, there are many automobile manufacturers are ready to launch there EV in India. Some of them are :

  • Mahindra
  • TATA (Nexon EV)
  • Hyundai(Kona)
  • MG ZS EV

Electric Vehicles emit less harmful gases as compare to fuel vehicles. Although electric cars technology is increasing day by day. Electric Vehicle is charge with conventional power outlets or dedicated charging stations. And often gives a charge that is sufficient for normal usage. Which means that EV’s are smart and compatible enough for daily use.

Problems related to Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle Needs


Cost :

It is one of the major concerns to buy an EV. Electric vehicle’s cost is pretty much higher than petrol, diesel vehicles. And the main reason behind this is the cost of battery which is used in EV. India imports these batteries and this makes a hike in the rate of EV. The battery used in an electric vehicle is a lithium-ion battery which is much costly. So, if the EV market needs to grow then it is compulsory to use a next-gen battery which is cheaper as compared to Lithium-ion batteries.

Infrastructure :

After the costing issue, the next problem which every EV buyer faces is the charging station infrastructure. Although many organizations are working on the Charging infrastructure in India. But the major issue is space. And also there are fewer charging stations in commercial buildings, parking or residential areas. Until people will be assured that they get charging stations at most places, it is more complicated to increase the sale of EV.

Charging Station Issues :

In India, automobile companies are ready to launch there EVs in the market.  But there is a problem in the infrastructure of EV charging stations. The government is also working on the commercial charging station infrastructures. These charging stations are assigned to the shopping malls parking, flats and also have dedicated stations of charging in different places.

There are some organizations which are working on their ways to provide charging solution to Electric Vehicles. They are making charging stations at commercial as well as residential places. They provide different types of AC, DC quick chargers. DC chargers do faster charging as compared to AC chargers. Following is the list of some EV charging providers or working on EV infrastructure in India :


  • Fleely
  • Delta Electronics India
  • Mass-Tech
  • ABB India
  • Okaya Power Group.

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