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Electric Vehicle and its Benefits…

The resources are considered to be owned by society at large. However, business processes of raw material extraction in practice raise issues of transparency and accountability of the management of extractive resources. In the complex supply chain of lithium technology, there are diverse stakeholders representing corporate interests, public interest groups and political elites that are concerned with outcomes from the technology production and use. One possibility to achieve balanced extractive processes would be the establishment of commonly agreed standards on the governance of technology worldwide.


Extraction of Natural Resources

Likewise, the extraction of natural resources is extremely harmful to the sake of mother nature, the earth. Which is now lacking in its natural resources. Just because of unethical & illegal mining and extraction of resources from the womb of nature.

Petrol in making is a long process of years & years of fossils turning into useful energy fuels. And these fuels such as petrol, diesel or other natural oils & gases when used for motor vehicles, only cause scarcity of natural resources. Along with extensive pollutants, it releases. Which gave birth to this new technological intervention, in the field of automobile engineering.

As cars always have been the product of inventions and technological advancement. Along with the enhancement in the practice of service and its growth & popularity among the people. Which invites in time to time rapid check over the idea of its use and consumer satisfaction.

The transportation sector is said to comprise about 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The reduction of emissions from motor vehicles, which comprise about 90% of the sector, is thus paramount for the attainment of the target. With this, we came with the concept of creating a new invention in the field of stereotypical conventional motor cars running over the fuels  & LPG gas.

Technological Development of EV’s

Here comes the upliftment of electronic vehicles, Electric Vehicle saw a resurgence due to technological developments, and an increased focus of renewable energy. Since the last few decades, the influence of the petroleum-based transportation infrastructure on the environment with peak oil has led to regenerate interest in an electric transportation infrastructure, which is considered as a need for electric running vehicles.

Electric Vehicle is charge with conventional power outlets or dedicated charging stations. And often gives a charge that is sufficient for normal everyday usage. Which means that EV’s are smart and compatible enough for daily use.

In India, the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles in India has not been fully developed yet. To set up community charging stations, there have been initiatives by some organizations. 

Electric Vehicle

Charging Solution to Electric Vehicles

There are some organizations which are working on their ways to provide charging solution to Electric Vehicles. They are making charging stations at commercial as well as residential places. They provide different types of AC, DC quick chargers. DC chargers do faster charging as compared to AC chargers

Following are some of the companies who are working on charging solution or providing services :

  • Fleely
  • Delta Electronics India
  • Mass-Tech
  • ABB India
  • Exicom
  • Okaya Power Group
  • EVteQ

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