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Environmental pollution has tripled in India. According to the Climate Risk Index 2020, India has been included in the 5th place among the most polluted country, i.e. India is vulnerable to climate change. Best solution to prevent India from this environmental issue, adopt EVs

Eco-friendly vehicles are being adopted all over the world. Electric vehicles are being welcomed with great enthusiasm in India too. The Indian government is promoting electric vehicles to reduce pollution. India has just started to appreciate electric vehicles, but the United States first started manufacturing electric vehicles in the late 90s. As per Vahan Data and JKM research, registered EV sales in July 2021 observed a month-on-month growth of 134.8%, at 26,127 units.


ev car sale 2021

Seeing the sudden growing positivity towards electric vehicles, almost all the big brand automobile companies in India are rapidly launching battery powered vehicles.

You too are in the queue to buy the best electric vehicle car in India, and wondering which electric vehicle car is the best to buy. Stop thinking because in this blog I give complete information that which are the best electric vehicle cars in India.

Detail Description list of Best Electric vehicle car in India of present and upcoming.

1.Tata Nexon Electric Vehicle

Tata Nexon EV has permanent magnet synchronous motor, the Tata Nexon EV is one of the most impressive and luxurious EV SUVs out there. Tata Nexon EV have 30.2 kWh high energy density Lithium ion battery pack with liquid cooled which minimizing the impact on the engine from changes in outside temperature for more stable performance and also the coolant reduces engine vibration and thus mechanical noise.

The most majestic feature of the Tata Nexon is that it produces zero tailpipe emissions. It totally rely on electricity, this Tata nexon EV generate peak power of 127bhp.

Tata Nexon EV is available in three attractive colors: Moonlight Silver, Signature Teal Blue and Glacier White.

  • 2 kWh High energy density Lithium ion battery pack
  • IP 67 Ingress protection for motor & battery pack
  • 9 Acceleration (0-100km/h in s)
  • 34% Gradeability, when the vehicle moves on a slope or inclination, the driver should be given rest. Gradeability usually refers to the total pull force required to move the vehicle in a vertical direction.
  • Drive smart with smart regenerative braking, hill ascent assist, hill descent, assist.
  • Single speed transmission for transfer of power from one part to another for the kind of automatic drive
  • Brakes- Front and Rear; Disc and Drum respectively.
  • Steering- Electrically power assisted steering, turning 5.1 circle radius (mm).
  • Suspension- Independent MacPherson strut with coil spring is front Suspension, Twist beam with dual path Strut is Rear Suspension
  • Wheels and Tyres- Size R 16 215 / 60 LRR

Dimensions and Weight

  • Length *Width*Height (mm) 3993 x 1811 x 1606
  • Wheelbase (mm) 2498
  • Ground clearance (mm) – unladen 205
  • Boot Space (l) 350
  • Kerb Weight (kg) 1400


  • Charging Standard – CCS2
  • Estimated regular charging time (SOC 10% to 90% from any 15A plug) – 8.5 hours
  • Estimated Fast Charging time (SOC 0%-80%) – 60 mins

Designed Features of Tata Nexon EV

  • Projector Headlamp with DRL, Front Fog -Lamp Auto head lamps with ambient and tunnel detection and “Follow me Home” feature, to keep you focused on the road
  • Powered Sunroof – The Nexon EV’s powered sunroof delivers fresh air. Slide it back and enjoy the freedom of a smooth and comfortable drive.
  • The posh and premium leather seat and upholstery give the Nexon EV a classy sophistication.
  • Because the passengers seated in the back seat should not miss out on the experience of lightning fast cooling.
  • Enjoy fully automatic air-conditioning for a cool cabin experience.
  • Sit back and enjoy your drive with comfortable legroom and headroom for all. Foldable armrests and rear AC vents enhance the overall ride in this silent cabin.
  • Enjoy fully automatic air conditioning for a serene cabin experience.
  • Reverse park assist with camera.
  • Ensure Safety of driver and co-driver with dual Airbags.
  • The high-strength activated steel structure protects the passenger cabin by absorbing impact energy, thus ensuring that you are always safe.
  • Get complete safety for your child with the ISOFIX child-seat mount.

Price-  Starting from Rs.13.99 lakh.


MG ZS EV is at number two in the race for India’s best electric vehicle car. MG is a British brand that offers the best premium electric cars. It is almost identical to the Tata Nexon EV.

MG ZS EV 2021 is designed for those who want all the benefits of a zero emission car without conciliate on styling.

MG ZS EV 2021 has been designed with various impressive features; include 448-litre boot space, power-assisted electric steering and diamond-cut machined alloy wheels.

The ZS EV with its powerful performance will deliver a proven range of 419km on a single charge, and claims a range of 300-400km on a single charge under most conditions.

The new MG ZS EV with its advanced and distinctive features is more dynamic and pioneering than ever before.  Let’s take a look at its features


  • 5 kWh HI-TECH BATTERY – This hi-tech battery is specially developed for various weather conditions in India, making its performance on- road even more strong and impressive.
  • 419 km in single charge – ZS EV 2021 now comes with a certificated 419 km range with its energetic performance
  • HIGH GROUND CLEARANCE OF 177 mm – The new ZS EV promises smooth and comfortable drive in Indian road conditions with higher vehicle ground lift clearance of 177 mm and battery ground lift clearance of 205 mm.
  • 215/55 R17 MACHINED ALLOY WHEELS – The new ZS EV 2021 comes with advanced tires 215/55 R17 machined alloys. These allow for a high degree of improvement in your drive while also allowing for significantly less vibration.
  • ECOTREE CHALLENGE – A new feature in the MG i-SMART mobile app monitor and track your CO2 saving. Observe real-time progress and compete with other MG ZS EV owners across India.

Charging Features

  • AC FAST CHARGERS – The AC fast charger will be provided and installed free of cost at your home by MG India, and it will fully charge your car within 6-8 hours.
  • Car with Portable Charger – The Portable Charging Cable that comes with every Car Plugged into any 15A socket. Will take 16 to 18 hours to charge to 100%.
  • DC SUPER FAST CHARGERS – DC Super Fast Charger is available 24*7 at MG dealerships, takes 50 minutes to charge up to 80%.
  • AC FAST CHARGERS AT MG DEALERSHIPS – AC Fast Charger is available in MG Dealership with Key Routes in satellite cities.

Safety Features


Price  – start at price 20,99,880

3. Tata Tigor EV

Powered and designed by a three-phase AC induction motor, this electric sedan is available in Egyptian Blue and Pearlescent White color options. The extra 310-litre boot space is an added convenience which is useful for carrying more luggage.

The Tata Tagore Electric Vehicle sedan is a very comfortable car for 5 people.

306 km range under ARAI certified test conditions. GNCAP gives 4 star rating as it is the safest electric sedan in India. Fast charging capability; 0-80% in 65 minutes.

It gives promise of warranty of battery and motor for up to 8 years


Features of Tata Tigor EV

Electric Drivetrain

  • Electric Motor Type – Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
  • Electric Motor Power (kW/PS)- 55KW (74.7 PS)
  • Electric Motor Torque (Nm) – 170 Nm
  • Drive Modes – Multi Drive Modes (Drive| Sports)
  • Battery Pack – 26 KWh High energy density Lithium-ion battery pack
  • Thermal Management System-  liquid Cooled
  • Ingress protection for motor and battery pack  – IP 67
  • Acceleration 0-60 km/h (sec)- 5.7
  • Max Restart Gradeability – 29%
  • Emission – Zero tailpipe emission

Smart Drive Feature

  • Smart Regenerative braking
  • Hill ascent assist
  • Hill descent assist
  • Single speed transmission for automatic like drive

Dimensions and weight

  • Length * width * height(mm) – 3993*1677*1532
  • Wheelbase (mm) – 2450
  • Ground Clearance (mm) – unladen 172
  • Boot space (liter) – 316
  • Kerb Weight (kg) – 1235
  • Tyre specs – 175/65 R14 with low rolling resistance  tyres


  • Electrically power assisted steering
  • Turning 5.1m circle radius


  • Disc Front Brakes
  • Drum Rear Brakes


  • Front Suspension – Independent MacPherson strut with coil spring
  • Rear Suspension – Twist beam with dual path strut


  • Charging standard – CC2
  • Estimated Regular Charging Time (SOC 0%-80% from any 15A plug point) – 8 hours 45 minutes approx.
  • Estimated Fast Charging Time (SOC 0%-80% from any 25 KW DC Charger) – 65 minutes approx.

Design Feature


  • Projector headlamps with DRL, Front Fog lamps – Turn heads with an artistic humanity line and bold LED DRLs that add to the car’s eye-catching look
  • Dual – tone exteriors – Handle with a carefully thought-out dual tone Tigor EV that boasts of a glossy black roof.


  • Permanent magnet synchronous motor – A permanent magnet synchronous motor that produces 74.7 PS of peak output and 170 Nm of torque.
  • Automatic Transmission – Cruise through traffic or an open highway with the Tigor EV’s automatic transmission that offers two full drive modes: Drive and Sport
  • Battery pack – Keeps you weather-ready with a battery pack designed for Indian weather conditions.


    • Ziptron Technology – Inventive Ziptron technology brings to life an electric car that delivers great drive.
    • Fast Charging Feature – Showcasing the power of Ziptron technology with fast-charging option, charge your car from 0% to 80% in 65 minutes using a DC fast charger.

Price  – start at price 13,14,000

4. Hyundai Kona Electric

Hyundai Kona is India’s first all-electric SUV. Its power-packed performance gives you the excitement of driving over long distances with high acceleration. Electric Kona is changing the perception of people over the Electric Vehicle.

Equipped with advanced Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), it accelerates to 100 kmph in just 10 seconds. Hyundai Kona Electric has highest drive range of 425 km in single charge certified by ARAI.

With its excellent mileage, the car can generate unlimited torque at 395 Nm, and it generates around 134 Bhp in ideal conditions.


Engine Specifications

  • Length *width*height (mm) – 4180*1800*1570
  • Wheelbase (mm) – 2600
  • Electric Motor Type – Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)
  • High Voltage Battery and Charging type and capacity – Lithium-ion  Polymer and 39.2
  • Automation Transmission type- Single Speed  Reduction  Gear
  • Front and Rear Suspension – Mcpherson Strut Type and Multi link respectively
  • Front and Rear Brakes – Disc
  • Tyre Size – 215/ 55 R17 (D=436.6 mm) Alloy Wheel
  • Tyre Emergency  Spare Type – T135/80 D17 (D=436.6 mm)

Exterior Design Feature

  • Headlamp – LED Headlamps (Bi-function)
  • Auto-levelling Function
  • Cornering Lamps
  • LED DRL & Positioning Lapms
  • LED Tail Lamps
  • Rear Skid Plate
  • Sport Roof Rails
  • Turn Indicators on Outside Mirrors
  • Rear Spoiler with HMSL
  • R17 Alloy Wheel
  • Micro Antenna

Interior Design Feature

  • Premium Black Interiors
  • Leather Seats
  • Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
  • Soft Touch Pad on Dashboard
  • Inside Door  Handles –  Metal Points
  • Digital Instrument  Cluster with Supervision
  • IC Light Adjustment (Rheostat)

Comfort and Convenience

  • Smart Electric Sunroof
  • Drive Mode Select – Eco, Eco+, Comfort and Sport
  • Button type shift-by-wire Technology
  • Electric Parking Brake  with Auto hold
  • Paddle Shifters for Adjustment Regenerative Braking
  • Battery Safer

Price –  start at  2,379,000

5. Mahindra e2o Plus EV

The Mahindra e2o Plus continues to be the attractive electric car in India with its small body and various color options. While nowhere on this list is as powerful as an electric SUV, it is perfect for a city drive.

Experience the exquisite futuristic technology that will help set up your electric e2oPlus.


Advance Technology

  • Regenerative Braking – This technology will amaze you, it allows you to charge your car every time you press the brakes. Every time you press the brakes, or don’t use the accelerator it produces energy which we called kinetic energy, this kinetic energy converts into electric charge and charges your car.
  • Revive – This technology helps to defuse the worry by giving you extra kilometers in case you run out of charge. You can access Revive from the car’s dashboard or by contacting us using the e2oPlus app.
  • Smartphone App Connectivity – Mahindra e2o has its own app which you can install on your smartphone. The app is designed with lots of features that you can use to lock/unlock the car, pre-cool your car, access the REVive feature and many more.
  • Easy-to-charge – This new futuristic technology Mahindra e2oPlus makes charging as easy as charging a mobile device. Simply plug the on-board Charger into the 15A socket, charge your car as much as you want and you’re ready for a city drive.
  • Advance Battery Technology – Mahindra e2oPlus have advance battery technology. Mahindra e2o plus Lithium ION battery is technologically advance, lighter and long-lasted and safe. Maintenance free battery which means I don’t need to take care of the battery as long as I keep the car running. It designed for the long time and it comes with the intelligent battery management system that works like full time doctor. It monitors over 102 parameters, monitors deriving efficiency, energy usage, charging patterns and lots of other thing. They ensure battery stay healthy and last longer. When battery is too hot, the brain of battery IEMS (Intelligent Energy management system) switches on the fan or AC if required, and send warning signal keeps the battery cool.
  • Pre-cool – Install Mahindra e2o plus remote control app and you can lock/unlock pre-cool of your car. That’s cool.

Price –  start @10, 15,521


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